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You have a lifetime of knowledge.

Now you can share, challenge your interests and stimulate your intellect with educational opportunities at The Pines.

Sometimes, there’s nothing as exciting as a new perspective, an insight you never had before. At The Pines, everything is in place to enhance your well-being through an active and lively pursuit of knowledge.

Residents here read together, explore together, and learn together. We even have a program that brings learners of all ages together on a path to mutual enrichment. Team members are standing by with technical help and instruction to assist residents with their computers and help you stay current with the latest devices and information sources.

Maintain a fresh outlook on life through our many daily, weekly, and monthly educational activities including:

  • Speakers bureau
  • Lifelong learning series
  • Library and media center
  • Computers with free WiFi
  • Bookmobile
  • Book clubs
  • Brain games
  • College and university visits

Schedule a tour or call us at (877) 302-5303 today to learn more about The Pines.

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