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Every story has room for more fun!

We believe life should be filled with energy and engagement—
and always something new to try.

Here’s one thing you’ll never hear our residents say: “There’s nothing to do.”

At The Pines, your days belong to you. Your mornings might involve a balance class or reading your newspaper on the veranda. Then, take some time to appreciate an artist’s new work or participate in a fun “Brain Train” session to engage your cognitive skills. If you prefer, choose from more than 27 different fitness classes every week, where you’ll always find a fun way to pump up your energy. Enjoy your evenings dining in our casual, formal, or contemporary dining rooms, or just sit around a cozy fireplace among friends. It’s always your choice!

To us, “fun” means whatever is fun for you! We focus equally on programs that enhance fitness, recreation, education, spirituality, and health—ways that enhance every aspect of your life. You’ll find activities for every interest and you can enjoy days being as active or relaxed as you like.

From the nearby pool, library, restaurant trips and community events, we offer an attractive choice of opportunities to keep you healthy, engaged, and—most of all—motivated to enjoy every chapter of your life!

Schedule a tour or call us at (877) 302-5303 today to learn more about The Pines.

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