5 Tips for an easier move

  1. Study your home to determine the strengths — then highlight them. One example is to add a tea set to the table in your sunny breakfast nook.
  2. Deciding what furniture to take and what to leave behind? Take measurements of the furniture you have and see if it makes sense to take the items.
  3. You may be dreading sorting through old photos. Make it easy —digitize all of your photos. Before you scan your photos, you may want to consider the way in which you’ll organize them — event, date, or type.
  4. If you have excess hair products or toiletries consider throwing away outdated, used items and donating the rest.
  5. Books are heavy. Carefully go through your books to determine what you want to keep and pay to move. Choose a medium-sized box to make sure it will hold the weight and it is free from dampness.

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