A person-centered approach

An emphasis on creative group activities provides fun and social stimulation. We balance this with focused one-on-one activities that we carefully design to allow residents—with the guidance of our staff—to work on skills that are specific to their individual needs.

Daily tasks we all do, like making one’s bed, folding laundry and setting the table, as well as detailed activities like buttoning, brushing and holding, reawaken the body’s muscle memory and allow residents to do things for themselves. This is the key to providing our seniors with a sense of achievement and purpose in their community.

The residents also have safe, engaging options to enjoy being outside, like light gardening or spending time in a cozy outdoor nook.

Social interactions help families stay connected

The Connections program continues to use interactive touch-screen technology. We invite residents to access a wide range of therapeutic, educational and entertaining activities that provide positive social interactions and serve as structured support during family visits.

No matter where they are, family members can easily get involved in their loved one’s care by uploading pictures and videos to share with our residents. This encourages everyone involved to embrace this new chapter of their lives together.

Find out about our kinder, gentler, connected approach

Want to learn more about the Connections Memory Care Program? We’ll answer your questions and help you schedule a visit to see our program up-close. You can meet our caregivers who are certified in the care of Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and the Montessori method.

Schedule a tour or call us at (877) 302‑5303 today to learn more about The Pines

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