It’s your life story.

WE BELIEVE life is a gift that must be lived as fully as we can. And each one of us is living a story that continually unfolds. Every step is simply a new chapter. Making the decision to join a senior community doesn’t have to mean losing your identity or giving up on your life plans. A great community should enable you to do whatever you are doing, better and more often.

Your needs are as unique as you are. that’s why we build our features around you.

Wow! Resident Charlotte and Transportation Supervisor Liz are showing off our new van! Our transportation schedule is one of the most comprehensive in the area and our three drivers are always out on the roads so we needed another vehicle to add to our fleet. This van can hold two wheelchairs and three passengers (well, before COVID). Liz and the other drivers cannot wait to get it out on the road! #potd #thepines #thepinesatwhiting #transportation #newvehicle #drivingresidents #wheredoyouneedtogo #retirementlife #seniorliving #nolicensenoproblem ...

COVID-19 Updates & Outbreak Response Plan

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