Our F.R.E.S.H. program promotes wellness.

At our pet-friendly community, you’ll find residents with interests and challenges just like yours. A significant advantage that sets us apart from other communities is our exclusive F.R.E.S.H. program, created by residents and staff.

Here’s how F.R.E.S.H can benefit residents in Assisted Living:

  • Fitness. Our staff will develop a fitness plan that can help you with balance, mobility and more.
  • Recreation. We help with tasks that sap energy so you’ll have the enthusiasm to pursue activities you love.
  • Education. Improve your well-being through an active pursuit of knowledge.
  • Spirituality. We offer spiritual resources for you to pursue and embrace your personal beliefs.
  • Health. Be healthy and happy through nutritious dining choices, the help of our in-house wellness staff, lectures from physicians, and more.

This ever-evolving initiative is ideal for residents in our Assisted Living neighborhood. It’s carefully designed to enhance an individual’s overall happiness and well-being—so every resident can enjoy life on his or her own terms.

To learn more, click here to request more information or call 732-849-0400.


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